My list of Celestial objects

Below is a list of celestial objects that i aim to photograph. If the text is green it means that this target has been photographed is llinked to a post page.  The list is ever increasing with each night I sit in my observatory. I have put the generic catalog number given. Best seen , this is the best time to view this object in the sky from and to months. It helps for planning the nights. Then the target name by which its know best for.

Catalog No. Best from Best To Palette Catalog name
IC 63 Aug Feb SHO Cassiopea ghost of 
IC 405 Oct Feb SHO Flaming star
IC 410 Oct Feb SHO Tappole
IC 443 Nov Feb SHO Jellyfish Nebula
LDN 909 Jul Oct SHO LDN909
SH2-115 Jun Oct  SHO SH-115
M27 Aug Sep   Dumbell
NGC 6883 Jul Nov SHO Tulip Nebula
NGC 7635 Jun Jan SHO Bubble nebula
NGC 7000 Jun Jan SHO North America Nebula
NGC 7380 Jun Jan SHO Wizard nebula
NGC 2244 Nov Mar SHO NGC 2244 Rosette Nebula
SH2 – 129 all year Sep SHO sh2 -129
SH2 – 240 Jun Nov SHO sh2 – 240 spaghetti nebula 
IC 1848 allyear Dec SHO Soul Nebula
NGC 2177 Dec Feb SHO Seagull nebula
SH2 – 132  Jun Jan SHO Lion Nebula 
M1 Nov Mar   Crab nebula
NGC 1499 Oct Mar SHO California Nebula 
SH2 – 155 allyear Oct   Cave Nebula
NGC 2264 Nov Mar   Christmass Tree nebula
LBN 576     SHO lbn 576 super nova
NGC 6883 Jun Nov SHO Part of the cygnus (blue nebula)
SH2 – 114 Jun Dec LRGB The flying dragon nebula
NGC 7023 all year Sep   Iris Nebula
NGC 1909 Nov Feb SHO Witches head nebula
Simeis 147       Simeis 147 nebula  ra 05 42 16 dec 27 57 57
M1 Nov Mar   Crab nebula
NGC 1491 Oct Mar   Fossil Nebula
King 12 Jun Mar   King 12 Nebula ra 23 59 14 de 62 27 37
NGC 6992 Jun Dec   Veil Nebula Western
NGC 6960 Jun Dec   Veil Nebula Eastern
IC 1396 Jun Dec   Elephant Trunk Nebula 
M42 Dec Feb RGB Orion Nebula
M17 Jul Aug   Omega and Swan Nebula
SH2 – 157 Jul Jan   Claw nebula 
M20 Aug Aug   Trifid Nebula
M9 Aug Aug   Open Globular Cluster with dark nebula
NGC 6559 Aug Aug   Bright Nebula 
M45 Nov Feb LRGB Pleiades
NGC 7822 always in the sky  Jan   Diffuse nebula
M8 Aug Aug   Laggon Nebula
M78 Nov Mar LRGB Bright nebula 
NGC 2174 Oct Mar SHO Monkey Head Nebula
NGC 2359       Thors helmet
NGC1555 Oct Jan LRGB Hinds Variable Nebula
NGC 1333 Oct Jan LRGB Bright Nebula
IC 1805 Always   SHO Melotte 15 Heart Nebula 


LRGB = Luminace,Red,Green,Blue
SHO = Sii, Ha, Oiii for Hubble palette images.