Mythenquai Observatory

In early 2021, after deciding to take the plunge into Astrophotgraphy, I soon realised that having to take down my equipment every night was eating into my imaging time. So I decided to build my own Observatory in the bottom of my garden to permantly have my setup ready to go on those rare nights when there are no clouds.

This is with the Celestron Edge8HD, with the ASI AIR Pro, Guiding with the Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED. All mounted on the Celestron AVX mount, this is before I got a pillar made to mount it better. The problem here was the legs just got in the way so opted for a pillar. Cable management still an issue. Behind the dew shield is the hyperstar lens with the imaging camera shooting at f/1.9. Otherwise this setup would be f/10 for closeup imaging.

The warm room, this now has 3 monitors one for guiding , one for the control of the mount. And then the image capture software. Whole system is wireless and can be control from the house if needed.

In 2022  and more permanent building will be built of brick with room for 3 telescopes to be left up at all times. Its construction will be brick with wood cladding and a sliding roof that will be automated. With full electrics for all power needs. Rubber flooring to reduce vibration. Watch this space for build updates mid 2022.

Clear Skies