My Equipement


William Optics Redcat 51 APO Focal Length 250mm  Diameter 51mm f/4.9
William Optics Gran Turismo 81 IV APO f/5.9 Focal length 478 Diameter 81mm

Celestron Edge 8HD, Aperture 203.2mm(8inchs), Focal length 2032mm, F/10


Celestron Edge 8HD, with Starizonia, Focal length 90mm, f/1.9, aperture 203.2mm (8inchs)

Guide Scope

Sky-Watcher Refractor 50mm/242mm Evoguide50Ed

Imaging Camera`s

ZWO ASI 6200mm Pro
ZWO ASI 533mc Pro
ZWO ASI 224mc Pro
Canon EOS 700D


William Optics Flattener FLAT 6A III for the GT81
Starizona Hyperstar Lens V4 for 8” Celestron Edge HD
Celestron Star Sense
Celestron focal reducer for the Edge hd8

ZWO Filter wheel optical 7 wheel 2inch
ZWO Optical H-alpha (Narrowband Hydrogen Alpha) 2.00″ 7nn
ZWO Optical OIII (Narrowband Oxygen 3) 2.00″ 7nn
ZWO Optical SII (Narrowband Sulfur 2) 2.00, 7nn
ZWO Optical Red filter 7nn
ZWO Optical Blue filter 7nn
ZWO optical Green filter 7nn
ZWO Luminance filter 7nn
Optolong Multi-Narrowband L-eNhance Narrowband Deep Sky Imaging Filter 2.00″
Optolong Multi-Narrowband Dual-Band L-eXtreme Filter 2.00


Celestron Computerized Altitude-Azimuth Single Fork Arm
Celestron Advanced VX Mount and Tri Pod
Celestron CGX-L mount and tripod