Usefull Links

Below is a list of software and planning applications I use in my Observatory. Tutorials from the community will be added as and when I have time. Hope this helps. 

Planning application

Telescopius – Great source for framing and searching for targets. useful Ra – DEC Locations.
AstroBin – A must for astrophotographers to get inspirations from around the world. Great resource of information found in the forum. renowed for Image of the Day or IOTD. Lets you showcase great pieces of imagery.
Stellarium – is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.
Starry Night 8 – Professional Astronomy Telescope Control software.
Astronomy Tools – Great tool for finding out the right equipment for targets (First Light Optics)

Image Capture Software & control software

Sharpcap – is a easy to use powerful astronomy camera capture tool.
APT – Astro Photography Tool.
N.I.N.A – Nighttime Imaging ` N ` Astronomy Software.
DSS – Deep Sky Stacker.
ASI Studio –  ZWO own software for use with their camera.
PHD Guiding 2 – used for guiding.
Sequence Generator –  Automated Image capture software.
Ascom –  Lets your applications talk to your equipment.

Processing Data

Photoshop – Adobe award winning software.
Astro Pixel Processor – Complete Deep sky Image processing application (trial version available).
Pixinsight – Image processing software , very extensive. Lots of tutorials.
Topaz labs – Ai for image quality (can use standalone or as a filter in photoshop).