NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula

NGC 7635, also known as the Bubble Nebula, Sharpless 162, or Caldwell 11, is an H II region[1] emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. It lies close to the direction of the open cluster Messier 52. The “bubble” is created by the stellar wind from a massive hot, 8.7[1] magnitude young central star, SAO 20575 (BD+60°2522).[7] The nebula is near a giant molecular cloud which contains the expansion of the bubble nebula while itself being excited by the hot central star, causing it to glow.[7] It was discovered in 1787 by William Herschel.[5] The star BD+60°2522 is thought to have a mass of about 44 M.


NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula, image updated 04/01/2022

Techincal card of Image

Imaging telescopes or lenses: William Optics 81GT IV
Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI 6200 MM Pro
Mounts: Celestron Advanced VX Goto GEM Celestron AVX
Guiding telescopes or lenses: William Optics RedCat 51 Petzval APO Redcat 51
Guiding cameras: ZWO ASI522mc-pro color ZWO
Software: Adobe Photoshop 2021  ·  PixInsight 1.8 Ripley PinInsight 1.8.8
Filters: ZWO OIII 7nm 2″  ·  ZWO H-alpha 7nm 2″

Dates: Sept. 25, 2021, image updated 04/01/2022

ZWO H-alpha 7nm 2″: 54×150″ (2h 15′) (gain: 100.00) -15C bin 1×1
ZWO OIII 7nm 2″: 48×150″ (2h) (gain: 100.00) -15C bin 1×1
ZWO SII 7nm 2″: 35×150″ (1h 27′ 30″) (gain: 100.00) -15C bin 1×1
Integration: 5h 42′ 30″
Darks: 25
Flats: 25
Bias: 50
Avg. Moon age: 18.96 days
Avg. Moon phase: 81.34%
RA center: 23h20m35s.24
DEC center: +61°1032.3
Pixel scale: 2.022 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: -177.281 degrees
Field radius: 0.409 degrees
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Resolution: 1190×840
Locations: Gamaholjad, Fareham, United Kingdom
Data source: Backyard

Sky plot
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Right ascension 23h 20m 48.3s[1]
Declination +61° 12′ 06″[1]
Distance 7100[2] to 11000[3][4] ly   (3,400 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V) ~10[5]
Apparent dimensions (V) 15′ × 8′[6]
Constellation Cassiopeia
Physical characteristics
Radius 3[2] to 5[7][4] ly
Notable features Shell around SAO 20575[1]
Designations Bubble Nebula[1]
Sharpless 162 (Sh2-162)
Caldwell 11